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Published on Sep 8, 2016 Not just another Burger Recipe. These delicious Grilled BBQ Burger Combos feature Superfoods, with Paleo and Gluten Free Options. Also, unique Grilled Watermelon “Fries” Recipe. Hosted by Chef Mick Brown, with footage from the Santa Monica Police Dept. 120th Anniversary Birthday BBQ, Kingsford Charcoal, Tastee BQ Grilling Co. (Los Angeles). […]

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What is BBQ? The Top 4 Definitions of “BBQ”- Part 2

By Chef Mick Brown

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This was originally written in 2014 for my big “BBQ Made Easy” Cookbook. Much has happened since then. Hopefully, it will help put ‘All Things BBQ” into better perspective for you. Since my Food Network appearance, and with the growing international popularity of BBQ RESCUES!, this is the perfect time for an Update. And Yes, that Cookbook Project is officially back on track. Stay Tuned…


Upscale BBQ Pork Roast I had at La Petite Cour restaurant in Paris, France.

What is BBQ?

Have you ever considered where the phrase “BBQ” comes from? When you think about it, this could one of the World’s Greatest Mysteries. How did the word “BBQ” spread across the planet? Could it be that- among international languages- it is easier to say “BBQ” to describe tasty food? The all-inclusive term is used regionally around the United States, and in countries all over the world. I could write volumes to describe the million different styles of Grilling and Smoking Food. However, the most common ways food considered BBQ is prepared around the world can be put into 4 Simple Categories.

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Checking out a sidewalk Mixed Grill at a BBQ Restaurant in  Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

 The Top 4 Ways the Word “BBQ” is Used:

1. Seasoned Foods– Many of these come nowhere near a Grill, but are seasoned with Dry Rub mixtures that possess familiar sweet and smoky flavors; i.e. BBQ Potato Chips, Pork Rinds, Sunflower Seeds, etc…


BBQ Seasoned Sweet Potato and Veggie Chips.

2. BBQ Sauces– They come in a wide variety of flavors and colors all over the world. Most are commonly used to coat Grilled or Smoked foods. Many are also added to Broiled, Baked, Slow Cooked and Fried Dishes; or as Condiments (for French Fries, Baked BBQ Chicken. Fried BBQ Chicken Wings, Slow Cooker BBQ Pulled Pork, etc…)


Loved the Texas style Homemade BBQ Sauces at Bodean’s BBQ in London.

3. Grilled Foods– There are a vast array of cooking styles and techniques that people consider Grilling. From using a Griddle, to a Grill Pan, charring food in a Skillet or Wok, Stovetop and Countertop Grilling Devices. Of course, there is plenty of Outdoor Grilling with Open Flame, on a Grill or in a Pit.

#MoroccanGrilledChicken #MomosLondon

Moroccan style Grilled Chicken with Couscous and all the Trimmings we had at Momo’s in London.

4. Smoked Foods– For some people, food isn’t BBQ unless it has been infused with some form of smoke flavor. This can be done with Liquid Smoke, Wood Chips, Wood Chunks or cooked in a Wood Burning Oven, Terrine or Pit.


Smoked Ribs are very popular at The Joint restaurant in New Orleans.

Of course, there are many exceptions. For some reason, when it comes to Vegetable and Seafood dishes, people tend to refer to them as “Grilled” or “Smoked”, as opposed to BBQ. This is true even when they are cooked using the same techniques as the Meats. The popular dish BBQ Shrimp in New Orleans is sautéed in a skillet and served with a pan BBQ Sauce. A big food chain in Korea is called BBQ Chicken. For them, the term “BBQ” stands for “Best of the Best Quality. While Grilled Chicken is on their Menu, the chain is best known for Fried Chicken. Go Figure…

I probably end up eating something from each of the 4 Categories of BBQ at least every week. Sometimes I get the “Quadruple BBQ Crown” all in one day. Feel free to share your Thoughts or Experiences with foods from The List. We’d be especially interested in seeing your BBQ Photos from around the world.

Until next time, Eat and Be Well.


Mick Brown is a Food Blogger/Purveyor based in Los Angeles, with over 30 years BBQ and Grilling experience. Aside from Caterer and Private Grilling Instructor, his passions are creating Easy Grilling Recipes and searching for the World’s Best Flavors. General Manager of Tastee BQ Grilling Co. and the new California Gold BBQ Rubs. In May of 2015, he won Grill Master Champion on Food Network’s Cutthroat Kitchen on special BBQ episode “Grill or Be Grilled” (Season 8, Episode 3). He also recently appeared on Bravo TV, catering for the Cast of Vanderpump Rules (Season Finale). He is also author of web blogs  The Adventures of Tastee BQ and  BBQ Catering Confidential. His newest project BBQ RESCUES!, includes a Blog Talk Radio Show, Youtube TV Channel and Podcasts on iTunes. Email-

All Natural/ Organic BBQ Grilling Class Comes to Los Angeles

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BBQ Chicken with Grilled Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables.

By Mick Brown

Could this be a first for The City of Angels? The first ever all-natural, organic group BBQ gathering since the Paleo Age? Maybe not, but there will be fun to be had, Grilling to learn and delicious Food for the tasting. A few slots are still available for my first-ever Grilling Workshop at The King’s Roost, in Silver Lake. Following years of doing mostly Private Lessons and occasional Group/Event Demos, a class is finally being offered to the public. The King’s Roost is known as L.A.’s “Urban Homesteading DIY Center” so this Workshop with focus on Organic and All Natural BBQ Techniques and Recipes.

#ChefMickBrown #bbqcatering #cateringlosangeles

Grilling Veggies while catering Corporate Picnic in Griffith Park.

After winning Grill Master on Cutthroat Kitchen (Food Network) things have started to slowly pick up for me. You may have heard that we catered at the former Beatles’ Mansion last Summer, as well as several well-attended Private Events. Then last month, we were featured on Bravo TV, on the Season Finale of Vanderpump Rules. We catered the Engagement Party at the famous estate (Villa Rosa) of Beverly Hills Housewife Lisa Vanderpump to celebrate the long anticipated engagement of Katie and Tom.

#tasteebqgrillingco #bbqcatering #losangeles

Online Still from Vanderpump Rules. Smoky Caprese Salad Skewers were a prelude to BBQ Buffet.

I am also getting on track with my new project BBQ RESCUES! It has gained thousands of followers on Facebook and views on the Youtube BBQ RESCUES! TV Channel. There are also a few podcasts available on Apple iTunes and at the BBQ RESCUES! Blog Talk Radio website. The purpose is to reach out to new and developing Grillers, to share some of the “Secrets” to making great BBQ. I am forever indebted Randy Hill (one of my Cutthroat Kitchen competitors) for staying in touch and helping out with the Radio Show whenever asked.

Things are also picking up on the Catering end. I just completed filming my first shoot as a BBQ Food Stylist for an International Commercial. [Will get you details soon.] Also, we have been selected to BBQ for the Santa Monica Police Department’s 120th Anniversary celebration. The Cookout will be held in May, and they are expecting around 500 Policemen (including Family and Friends). We have already added Kingsford Charcoal as a Sponsor, and I hope to include a couple of more soon. Finally, this month, my first ever in-depth interview with Keith Kurlander debuted online at Parkbench/Los Feliz (link below)

Regarding the Workshop… actually, “All Natural” and “Organic BBQ” are about lessening the effect of chemicals and pollutants that can sometimes be by-products of Grilling. We will use recycled paper, untreated wood, and all natural (chemical, hormone and preservative free) ingredients. Class Participants will not only cook Healthier BBQ, but they will learn how to make it taste more delicious than most of what is being offered out there Commercially.

If you will be in or around Los Angeles this Sunday (April 24, 2016), check out the website to see if Tickets are still available (link below). We also have a few slots reserved for Press and Food Bloggers, you can still contact me to confirm if you want to attend. Looking forward to all of us making our Best BBQ Ever(!) this coming Summer. Another Class may be added in time for the Memorial Day Holiday. Until next time, Eat and Be Well.

Grilling Class with Chef Mick Brown- Sunday April 24th, 2016- 10:00 am to 1:00 pm. Meets at King’s Roost, 3732 W. Sunset Bl., LA 90026. Limited Parking Available; enter driveway next to 3730 Sunset. (in Back).

Ticket/Info Website:

Press Release:


Mick Brown, is Chef/Caterer and General Manager at Tastee BQ Grilling Co. With over 30 years Grilling Experience, he teaches Private BBQ Lessons to Individuals and Groups. In 2015, he won Grill Master Champion on Food Network’s Cutthroat Kitchen on special BBQ episode “Grill or Be Grilled” (Season 8, Episode 3). As a Blogger, he is Author of “The Adventures of Tastee BQ” and “BBQ Catering Confidential”. His newest project BBQ RESCUES!, includes a Blog Talk Radio Show, Youtube TV Channel and Podcasts on iTunes. He founded California Gold BBQ Rubs in 2013, which now offers Gluten Free, All-Natural HEROIC! BBQ Rub in local retailers and on


The Kings Roost website

Cutthroat Kitchen “Grill or Be Grilled” (Youtube $1.99)

Cutthroat Kitchen “Grill or Be Grilled” -Alton’s After Show

Vanderpump Rules ‘Push Comes to Shove”

BBQ RESCUES! website

Tastee BQ Grilling Co. website

Interview with Parkbench by Kurt Kurlander



Exciting New BBQ RESCUES! with Chef Mick Brown

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Can you believe the above Mixed Grill (pictured) was done in less than 2 Hours by a BBQ Lesson Client learning how to cook on a Gas Grill for the first time?


You may have noticed “tumbleweeds” rolling through BBQ Catering Confidential lately. True. I’ve been led astray by several projects, but have not wandered very far. Since winning for Grill Master on Food Network’s Cutthroat Kitchen, I had been invited to do a last minute 4th of July BBQ Catering at the legendary (former) Beatles Mansion in Hollywood Hills. I have made appearances at several local events including the Western Foodservice & Hospitality Expo at the L.A. Convention Center and 2015 National Night Out at The Greek Theatre. Last week, I was filmed catering an elegant BBQ Buffet for a very popular Reality TV Show. More details coming once I receive the Fall air date. Stay tuned.

#mickbrown #chefmickbrown #westernfoodserviceandhospitalityexpo

A big Thanks to the Western Foodservice and Hospitality Expo for the Invite to sample new and classic Foods and Brews.


Closer to home, I have launched a new series called BBQ RESCUES! with Chef Mick Brown. It is my first Multi-Media project featuring several platforms with a BBQ RESCUES! TV Channel on Youtube, BBQ RESCUES! Podcasts and Live Talk Shows on Blog Talk Radio, as well as BBQ RESCUES! Podcasts that just got added to iTunes. We are also building a website with links to everything, and that will offer Free Easy Grilling Recipes. Your patience is appreciated as I slowly grow familiar with all the new technical challenges.

#chefmickbrown #mickbrown #jettila

He didn’t judge my episode, but it was nice meeting Food Network’s Cutthroat Kitchen Judge Jet Tila at the Western Foodservice and Hospitality Expo.

There are already a few BBQ RESCUES! episodes available online. The first video was shot in Shreveport, Louisiana with me helping Chef Carolyn Manning, a potential James Beard Foundation Contest Winner, get votes for her BBQ Mushroom Burger. The next is a brief gag reel featuring BBQ Cannibal Birds competing to eat my BBQ Chicken in the Park. The latest one is filmed at Fairfield Place (the oldest Bed and Breakfast) in Shreveport and shows how you can use any BBQ Gas Grill as a Smoker.

#smoked #chickenbreasts #bbqrescues

As a Bonus, the Client learned how to Smoke Chicken Breasts over Indirect Heat on a Ceramic Egg Grill.

The Shreveport BBQ Mushroom Burger episode was also made into a Podcast, along with a two part broadcast from the 2015 National Night Out event at The Greek Theatre. There are some fun moments as I chat BBQ with several participants, including members of the LAPD, and some Community Groups. The biggest Highlights are probably the original audio performances by a seasoned Acapella group called JONDO. They were former competitors on America’s Got Talent, and BBQ RESCUES! is trying to help this talented musical group get more exposure.

#chefcarolynmanning #mushroomburger

BBQ Mushroom Burger at Blue Southern Comfort Foods in Shreveport, LA. made the Top 5 (actually 2nd Place), and is heading to New York. Congratulations to Chef Carolyn Manning on her exciting James Beard Foundation’s Better Burger Project win!

So far, it has been very fun developing the new shows. More BBQ RESCUES! material has already been filmed, including my family reunion in Shreveport and more from the Birthday Catering in the Park where I met the BBQ Cannibal Birds. This week, I am adding the very first Recipes to the BBQ RESCUES! Blog. They come from a Private Grilling Lesson where I helped the Beverly Hills Client learn how to use a Gas Grill for the first time. Then he throws a Cookout for about 20 Family and Friends on the same night. I hope you will enjoy a BBQ RESCUES! TV Video, Podcast or visit to the new website when you have a chance. Until next time, Eat and Be Well.

Bonus Video- Interview with new James Beard Foundation Winner Chef Carolyn Manning.


Chef Mick Brown is a Food Blogger/Purveyor based in Los Angeles, with over 30 years BBQ and Grilling experience. Aside from Catering, his passions are creating Easy Grilling Recipes and searching for the World’s Best Flavors. General Manager of Tastee BQ Grilling Co. and the new California Gold BBQ Rubs. He is also author of web serial blog “The Adventures of Tastee BQ.” He recently appeared on the Food Network for “Grill or Be Grilled” a special BBQ Edition of Cutthroat Kitchen where he won the Champion Title of Grill Master. Episode is available on iTunes. Email- 


BBQ RESCUES! website


BBQ RESCUES! Podcasts on iTunes!/id1030435189?mt=2

BBQ RESCUES! on Blog Talk Radio-

Western Foodservice & Hospitality Expo-

National Night Out 2015-

Chef Jet Tila (Food Network)-

Fairfield Place Bed and Breakfast-

Blue Southern Comfort Foods-

James Beard Foundation Better Burger Project-

Grilling Cherry Smoked Bologna Sandwiches With Weber and popchips on the 4th of July

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Cherry Smoked Bologna Sandwiches make the perfect Appetizer alternative to Pigs in Blankets. They taste better too!

Ready? Set? Going into this July, life is leading to new and unexpected directions. The most exciting new thing is taking my Private Grilling Lessons public with an online Blog Talk Radio Show called “BBQ RESCUES!” [Yes, as if I needed to add yet another project.] The show will include Interviews with Food and BBQ Experts, cover Grilling Topics, plus Questions and Answers with people for BBQ Help. I will also do on-location reports while teaching Grilling BBQ Lessons. The show will premiere Live on July 3rd at 10:00am and have a taped Encore presentation on July 4th. Each show will be made into a podcast, available for download on iTunes. Who knows, someday someone may want to bring BBQ RESCUES! to Live TV. You never know…

#LynnChen #MickBrown

Lynn Chen of The Actors Diet Blog with Chef Mick Brown at the popchips/Weber BBQ Boot Camp in Los Angeles.

The other development this 4th of July is quite shocking. Something I thought would never ever happen… After over 30 years of Grilling, I am now the owner of a (Gasp!) Gas Grill. I know traditional Grill Masters from Texas to Louisiana are shaking their heads in disbelief. It’s like waking up with a one-night stand that you don’t remember taking home. I allowed the Gas Grill to sit in my Dining Room for a few days before I dared take it out and assemble it.

#weberq1200 #qwithcolor

After over 30 years of Grilling, my very first Gas Grill arrives courtesy of Weber/popchips.

It all started when I accepted a generous offer from popchips and Weber Grills to attend a special BBQ Boot Camp earlier in June. It was a really nice event. I got to meet interesting Reps from both companies as well as some of the most seasoned Bloggers in the West. The event’s topic was “How to Make the Perfect Burger” which, oddly enough, is something I sometimes struggle with. I teach Grilling Lessons and cater amazing Burgers all of the time. But my technique has always been to measure freshly seasoned Beef into equally sized balls, then smash them into somewhat equally sized patties. At the Boot Camp, I met the Weber Burger Press. This contraption can help you make each Burger equally perfect. Who knew?

#weber #burgerpress

Tired of frozen “Hockey Pucks”? Now you can make fresh perfect Burgers with the Weber Burger Press.

Not to neglect popchips (which are branded with a small “p”), our relationship has been a long revolving drama. Since they first hit the shelves a few years ago, I have been obsessed with Barbecue popchips and their Sour Cream and Onion cousins. I never gave Sea Salt popchips a second look, until recently deciding to use them in a new Recipe- Superfood Smoked BBQ popchips. This flavor will not be coming to stores anytime soon, so check out the Recipe at the end. Also, popchips is introducing two new flavors: Crazy Hot and Cinnamon Sweet Potato. I have yet to solve the dilimma of how to put aside a bag of popchips without finishing them all. Fortunately they are Calorie Friendly, because I am seldom able to accomplish this feat.

#weberacademy #popchips #

My Weber Pressed “Perfect Burger” with BBQ popchips at the BBQ Boot Camp.

So the latest addition to my Grill Collection is a parting gift from the BBQ Boot Camp, my own Weber Q 1200. As part of their “Q with Color” campaign I got to choose from a cool palate of hues and decided on Orange. Why? I’ve always thought that odds of me ever owning a Gas Grill were about the same as someone making an Orange Grill. It is no secret that I have been part of Team Charcoal since I started learning about Grilling at age 6. However, I am no stranger to Gas Grills. In fact, most of my Private Grilling Lesson clients are people who want me to show them how to make food from their Gas Grill taste like “real” BBQ.

#weberq1200 #qwithcolor

The Weber Q 1200- my very first Gas Grill took about 1 Hour to assemble. It’s debut on my BBQ Patio.

The secret is simple, yet profound: Smoke. No I am not talking about the black billowing clouds that flair up when the grease meets the heat. I am talking about intentionally adding the sweet scents of Hickory, Mesquite, Cherry, Applewood or Alder to your Grilling. This can be easily achieved by using Wood Chips or Chunks with Charcoal. Some serious Grill Masters skip the Charcoal altogether and cook with Redwood Logs and the Smoke is a natural byproduct. My Private Grilling Lessons usually include figuring out how to make the Smoke linger, because many Gas Grills come with Smoker Drawers or Chambers that simply don’t work.

#weber #grillspices

Three varieties of Weber Firespices.

There are more ways than to sundown to add Smoky flavor to your cooking. Check out my previous post 6 Easy Ways to Get Your “Smoke-On” at Home. In honor of my BBQ Boot Camp hosts, this week I will be using Weber’s prepackaged Wood Chip tins called Firespices for my 4th of July Recipes. Note- you can also buy Weber’s Wood Chips or Chunks loose in bags. For smaller batches of Grilling you can open your Firespices tin and take half of the chips out before soaking them.

#popchips #heroic #californiagoldbbqrubs

Sea Salt popchips with HEROIC! by California Gold BBQ Rubs

Of course, it’s fine to cook your regular 4th of July Recipes for BBQ Chicken, Ribs, Hot Dogs and/or Burgers. This year, why not thrill your Guests back to childhood by making them Cherry Smoked Bologna Sandwiches with Smoky Mayo. They can be served as a main Entree or cut into Appetizer Bites. I plan to take some to my local Holiday party as a special treat. You should try them at yours. Either way, have a Happy 4th of July. Until next time, Eat and Be Well.

#smokymayo #heroicrub #californiagoldbbqrubs

Easy 2 Ingredient Recipe: HEROIC! by California Gold BBQ Rubs and your choice a Mayo makes for a delicious spread.


1 Cup Mayonnaise (can be Low Fat, Organic, or with Olive Oil)

2 Tbsp your Favorite BBQ Rub (I suppose Weber Grill Mates Rub is OK, or use HEROIC! Rub which is Gluten Free with no added Salt or Sugar).

Mix BBQ Rub into Mayo until blended evenly, then cover and refrigerate.

#popchips #heroicrub #californiagoldbbqrubs

Sea Salt popchips dusted with HEROIC! are already good enough to eat. They take on more magic when smoked for a few minutes.

As popchips are already Gluten Free, these Recipes can be made with Vegan or with GF Bread and other products. For Vegetarian version use Tempeh and Vegan Cheese. Recipes are written for Zone Grilling. Please note- The Weber Q 1200 doesn’t have Zones, but Recipes came out great, anyway.

HEROIC! seasoned popchips smoking on the Grill. One thick seasoned slice of Onion to make a fresh Grilled Onion Dip.

HEROIC! seasoned popchips smoking on the Grill. One thick seasoned slice of Onion to make a fresh Grilled Onion Dip.

#popchips,#heroic #bbqrub

HEROIC! Smoked Superfood BBQ popchips with Grilled Onion Dip.


1 bag Sea Salt popchips

2 Tbsp HEROIC! (or you can make your own Rub with any dried combination you have of Smoked Paprika, Garlic, Red Bell Pepper, Onion, Turmeric, Cumin, Cinnamon, Thyme, Fennel, Allspice and Nutmeg).

1 pack Cherry Weber Firespices (also to be used in Main Recipe)

Optional- 1 Thick Slice of Onion and 1/2 Cup Sour Cream to make a Smoky Onion Dip (plus optional sprig of Parsley)


1. At least a Half Hour before Grilling immerse Firespices in a bowl or Ziplock bag of Water.

2. Fire up Gas Grill (or Charcoal) to High on one side of Grill. Leave other side of Grill turned off.

3. Use a Foil Tin (or make Aluminum Foil bowl) to mix popchips with BBQ Rub until coated evenly.

4. Once heated, place Firespices tin on hot side of Grill, when it starts to Smoke, place seasoned popchips on unheated half of Grill.

5. If making Onion Dip, season Onion Slices on both sides with BBQ Rub. Grill Onions on heated Grill 2-3 minutes per side. Finely dice Onions and mix in Bowl with 1/2 Cup Sour Cream and 1/4 Cup of Smokey Mayo. Garnish with Chopped Parsley, if available.

6. After 4 minutes, stir Bowl of popchips to let them evenly absorb Smoke for another 3 minutes. [Keep close eye, delicate  popchips can easily burn).

7. Remove popchips from Grill, put in serving Platter or Bowl with optional Smoky Onion Dip.

#jonsmarkets #bolognas

Jon’s Markets in Los Angeles carries a nice variety of International Bolognas. Thick Sliced Deli Bologna will work best for this Recipe.

#grilledbologna #smokedbologna

Thick Sliced Bologna smoking on the Grill.


(for 8 Entree Sandwiches)

8 Thick Slices of Deli Bologna

16 Slices Deli White Bread

8 Slices Cheddar or Provolone Cheese

1 Head Iceberg Lettuce

16 Thick Slices of Tomato

Smoky Mayo

Optional Yellow or Spicy Brown Mustard and/or BBQ Sauce

1. By now your Grill should still be nice and Smoky. Turn heat to Medium on second half of Grill, reduce hot side to Medium.

2. Place Bread on Grill in Shifts, grilling each side for up to 1 Minute. Be careful, Bread can easily burn.

3. Once Bread is done, place Thick Bologna Slices on Grill, rotate and flip as needed to avoid burning. Goal is to keep them in the Smoke for at least 8-12 Minutes.

4. In last 2 Minutes if cooking, melt 1 Slice of Cheese on each Bologna Slice.

5. Adventurous or Experienced Grill Masters may want to lightly grill Tomato Slices for 1 Minute per side, being careful not to let them go mushy.

5. Assemble Sandwiches by Spreading each Bread Slice with Smoky Mayo, Optional Mustard and BBQ Sauce.

6. Layer 8 Bread sides with Smoked Bologna with Cheese, Tomato, and a small Wedge of Lettuce. Top with Second Slice of Bread. Slice Sandwiches in Half to serve as Entree. Cut into 4-6 Pieces to platter as Appetizers. For Fancy Cocktail or Tea Party Hors D’oeuvres, slice off ends of Bread after assembly for neat, even pieces (feel free to eat the ends yourself). Enjoy!

#smokedbologna #grilledbolognasandwich

Cherry Smoked Bologna Sandwich plated with Superfood Smoky BBQ popchips and Grilled Onion Dip.


Chef Mick Brown is a Food Blogger/Purveyor based in Los Angeles, with over 30 years BBQ and Grilling experience. Aside from Catering, his passions are creating Easy Grilling Recipes and searching for the World’s Best Flavors. General Manager of Tastee BQ Grilling Co. and the new California Gold BBQ Rubs. He is also author of web serial blog “The Adventures of Tastee BQ.” He recently appeared on the Food Network for “Grill or Be Grilled” a special BBQ Edition of Cutthroat Kitchen where he won the Champion Title of Grill Master.  Episode can now be viewed on Youtube. Email- 



Weber Grills

Weber Burger Press

HEROIC!/ California Gold BBQ Rubs

6 Easy Ways to Smoke Food/ BBQ Catering Confidential-

Lynn Chen of The Actor’s Diet

Jon’s International Markets

BBQ RESCUES! (new website)

BBQ RESCUES! (at Blog Talk Radio)

My First Week as Cutthroat Kitchen Winner; Meeting Greyson and Learning About CCHS

By Mick Brown

Courtesy of


With the DIY Ceramic BBQ Pot Smoker inspired by Alton Brown for my blog “The Adventures of TasteeBQ” in 2013.

No worries… Every future column is not going to be about my appearance on the Food Network. In fact, this is the first time the results are being officially announced in this Blog: I WON!!! Please allow me to “Bask in Glory” for at least a couple of weeks… Overall, not much has changed. My phone and email boxes aren’t blowing up. I am still hearing from friends who saw the “Grill or Be Grilled” episode of Cutthroat Kitchen, where I won for Grill Master last week.

#ChefMickBrown #MayorEricGarcetti

I actually got to meet Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti at a Retirement Party for Charley Mimms in February 2015. I was only able to hint that he should look for me on Food Network TV sometime soon.

Until I get the official Cutthroat Kitchen Grill Master Instruction Manual, guess I will just have to “Wing it”. If the title broadens my muckity-muckdom (if that’s a word?), I suppose I should try to use it to make the world a better place-  at least to eat. You know, sitting down to good meal is something that I didn’t realize we take for granted. When you think about it, every time you eat is an opportunity to receive nourishment for both your body and spirit.


Greyson at home in his high chair.

This takes me to a recent opportunity that I was given to meet a very special youngster named Greyson. Even before they knew about the TV show, his parents had decided that they wanted me to do a Menu for their Thank You Picnic. It turns out that 6 month old Greyson was born with a rare medical condition called CCHS (Congenital Central Hypoventilation Syndrome). Also called “Ondine’s Curse”, it causes the body to “forget” to breathe while sleeping. He was recently released after spending the past 3 months at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

#ChefMickBrown #Greyson

With Parents and Greyson being held by Auntie.

It was really nice to meet Greyson’s Family, Friends and some of the Hospital Staff who helped Greyson during his stay. The condition CCHS is considered an “orphan disease” and is the subject of an Oscar-Nominated short documentary called “Our Curse”. The CCHS Family Network estimates 1000 – 1200 diagnosed cases world-wide, however there is little funding support from government or the pharmaceutical industry. I want to personally Thank all of Greyson’s supporters who turned out for the Picnic and I hope they enjoyed the spread of Smoked Hotdogs, Burgers and Salad. It was a pleasure meeting all of you (especially my small group of Vegetarian and Gluten Free BBQ Friends).


Greyson: A Born Scholar?

As far as TV News, I had invited the local Press to attend a Food Tasting I hosted at Marconda’s Meats and Puritan Poultry (Farmer’s Market) on the same day of the original Cutthroat Kitchen airing. Despite the efforts of a Publicist, no Press attended that event or my Live Viewing Party later that night (with 50 of my closest Friends). I’d like the Thank everyone who came out to show their support. Most of my Cutthroat Kitchen Competitors (who didn’t win) got Press write-ups in their home town papers. So Los Angeles Media: It’s not too late to get the word out. Give me a call or drop me an email. Until next time, Eat and Be Well.

#Steak #MarcondasMeats

Grilled Flat Iron Steak and Grilled Bell Pepper Sticks from Food Tasting at Marconda’s Meats and Puritan Poultry, where they currently offering a limited number of autographed bottles of HEROIC! Rub.


Chef Mick Brown is a Food Blogger/Purveyor based in Los Angeles, with over 30 years BBQ and Grilling experience. Aside from Catering, his passions are creating Easy Grilling Recipes and searching for the World’s Best Flavors. General Manager of Tastee BQ Grilling Co. and the new California Gold BBQ Rubs. He is also author of web serial blog “The Adventures of Tastee BQ.” He recently appeared on the Food Network for “Grill or Be Grilled” a special BBQ Edition of Cutthroat Kitchenwhere he won the Champion Title of Grill Master.  Email- 


CCHS Family Network has more info on CCHS and Donations are Accepted

Oscar Nominated Short “Our Curse” on Video (27:29 mins.)

Article on Ondine’s Curse, Medscape Online

Cutthroat Kitchen “Grill or Be Grilled”- Full Episode on Youtube

Grilled or Be Grilled- Alton’s After-Show

Marconda’s Meats and Puritan Poultry

California Gold BBQ Rubs on

Ok I’ll Blab… Look For BBQ Chef Mick Brown (Me!) on Food Network’s Cutthroat Kitchen This Weekend

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Cutthroat Kitchen contestant Chef Mick Brown gets inspiration from the latest Hollywood/Silver Lake, CA. icon- “Bates Motel”. It is actually an art project called “Projection LA” by French Artist Vincent Lamouroux. It was created to “whitewash” a neighborhood eyesore. Making the World a Better Place to See.

I didn’t know how this moment would feel or how I would work the news into my blog, so I’ll just blab it out…

Look for me (Mick Brown!) next Sunday May 31, 2015 at 7 PM (PST)/ 10 PM (EST) on a special edition of Food Network’s (FN) Cutthroat Kitchen called “Grill or Be Grilled”. I’m not at liberty to say how it came about, and (obviously) not the final results of the show, but I can shamelessly beg for your best wishes and support no matter how it goes down. What I can say is that four chefs (including yours truly) are fired up to be named Cutthroat Kitchen’s Grill Master. One chef makes a dish that almost tastes like chicken. Then somebody feels the heat while tied to a rotisserie. Finally, burgers as never before. (Episode: KT0808H). It should be fun. Read more at:

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May 16, 2015 with On Air Personality Paul Freeman of Go Country 105 FM at American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life at the Autry Museum, Griffith Park. Website

Now, some folks who have followed me may know about my first TV exposure a few years ago by auditioning for Shark Tank (ABC TV). Let’s just say I shouldn’t have stuck my toes in those waters. Then Frankenfood on Spike TV was less than glowing. However, I did manage to star in an awesome product video produced by Beverly Boys Productions

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-May 23, 2015- Chef Mick Brown promoting Cutthroat Kitchen appearance with Cathy Kiburtz- President of GreySave at “Race to the Park” benefit for greyhounds.​ Support Greysave by visiting website

So, how will I be portrayed on Food Network? Will I get kicked off in the 1st Round? How will my hair look? Will my seriously terrific grilling skills be appreciated? Seriously, everyone who has done Reality TV knows that your image is determined in the final editing, so you never know if you’ll come out looking like the star or the goat. Whatever, look for me on Food Network’s Cutthroat Kitchen this Sunday. All I can say is, keep rooting for me!

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June 2014- Chef Mick Brown of Tastee BQ Grilling Co. serving local Fire Dept. while promoting HEROIC! by California Gold BBQ Rubs. Picnic Proceeds benefited the Franklin Hills Residents Association. Learn More

Thanks for sticking around to read this. I hope you’ll tell every person you know (who is breathing) to watch me (Chef Mick Brown) on Food Network’s Cutthroat Kitchen next Sunday. If this is my “15 Minutes of Fame,” let’s try to make it last at least half an hour! Until next time, Eat and Be Well.

If you will be in Los Angeles this weekend, come visit and wish me luck at a special Food Tasting sponsored by California Gold BBQ Rubs from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm on Sunday May 31st (the day of the show) at Marconda’s Meats at the LA Farmer’s Market (at 3rd St. and Fairfax Ave.).

There will also be autographed bottles of HEROIC! Rub there.

 For Press Inquiries– Contact Amy Levy; AMY LEVY PUBLIC RELATIONS, INC., 11022 Santa Monica Blvd. Suite 350. Los Angeles, CA 90025 (310) 444-5250  Email: Website:


Chef Mick Brown is a Food Blogger/Purveyor based in Los Angeles, with over 30 years BBQ and Grilling experience. Aside from Catering, his passions are creating Easy Grilling Recipes and searching for the World’s Best Flavors. General Manager of Tastee BQ Grilling Co. and the new California Gold BBQ Rubs. He is also author of web serial blog “The Adventures of Tastee BQ.” He will have his first appearance on Food Network on “Grill or Be Grilled” a special BBQ Edition of Cutthroat Kitchen on May 31st, 2015.  Email- 


Cutthroat Kitchen on Food Network- Episode “Grill or Be Grilled”

Press Release- “Grill or Be Grilled?”- Local BBQ Chef Mick Brown to Appear on Food Network

Press Release- Chef Mick Brown of Tastee BQ to take BBQ Rubs National by Amy Levy via Linked In

Video- “HEROIC! Taste Test” by Kael Beverly on Vimeo

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