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  • What is BBQ? The Top 4 Definitions of “BBQ”- Part 2

    What is BBQ? The Top 4 Definitions of “BBQ”- Part 2

    By Chef Mick Brown Courtesy of http://www.BBQCateringConfidential.com (via http://www.BBQRESCUES.com) This was originally written in 2014 for my big “BBQ Made Easy” Cookbook. Much has happened since then. Hopefully, it will help put ‘All Things BBQ” into better perspective for you. Since my Food Network appearance, and with the growing international popularity of BBQ RESCUES!, this is the perfect time […]

  • All Natural/ Organic BBQ Grilling Class Comes to Los Angeles

    All Natural/ Organic BBQ Grilling Class Comes to Los Angeles

    By Mick Brown Could this be a first for The City of Angels? The first ever all-natural, organic group BBQ gathering since the Paleo Age? Maybe not, but there will be fun to be had, Grilling to learn and delicious Food for the tasting. A few slots are still available for my first-ever Grilling Workshop […]

  • Happy, Healthy and Hearty BBQ in 2015

    Happy, Healthy and Hearty BBQ in 2015

    Courtesy of http://www.bbqcateringconfidential.com Yes, it is that time once again to reflect on another year gone by. As always, the world of BBQ continues it’s impressive growth in many ways. We have seen BBQ/Grilling related TV shows thrive on Food Channels, and in unexpected places like Travel TV. Online BBQ Blogs continue to grow in […]

  • What’s Grilling in 2014? The Top 10 Ways We Think of Grilling

    Basics of BBQ #2 Courtesy of http://www.BBQCateringConfidential.com What is Grilling? For most people, “Grilling” pertains to the use of an outdoor Grill. However, not all “Grilled” foods are made that way. When you see Grilled Chicken in the Freezer Department at the store, it is unlikely that any of it has seen the Outdoors or […]

  • New BBQ Tasting Tours Los Angeles and Best of Barbecue in London

    By Mick Brown Courtesy of www.BBQCateringConfidential.com   Barbecue Season is in full swing in countries all over the world. If you are like me, you’re always searching for something exciting and new in your travels. Especially when it comes to Food. Since my interest is Grilling, I always try to find something grilled on restaurant […]

  • Bacon Cheddar BraziBurgers: Gluten Free BBQ for the 4th of July

    by Mick Brown Courtesy of http://www.BBQCateringConfidential.com I first encountered Cheese Bread Brazi Bites at the Gluten Free (GF) Expo in Pasadena in June 2014. In a ballroom dominated by Sweet GF Treats, it was really a delight to discover these savory Snacks. Made with Tapioca Starch, the texture is soft and smooth. The Cheese Bread […]

  • 5 of L.A.’s Best Hidden Places for the Freshest Meats- Pt. 2- Where are the Fish Tanks?

    by Mick Brown It is no secret that the best meals start with fresh, quality ingredients.  In this new blog, we are talking about some of the hard-to-find places where you can send a Caterer for the best quality Meats in the Los Angeles area. Sad to report that the Fish Tanks have been removed […]