Month: February 2014

  • BBQ Grilling in Puerto Vallarta Pt. II The Blue Shrimp

    By  Mick Brown [Last Dispatch written on Monday 2/17/14] Sadly, my time here in Puerto Vallarta Mexico is winding down. Last night’s wedding was a huge success. Congratulations to the happy Newlyweds Jacki and Andre. They would have easily won Wedding Wars on TLC. The Catering staff of Casamagna Marriott Resort and Spa, led by […]

  • BBQ Grilling in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico- Part I

    By Mick Brown Was (not so) recently invited to a wedding in Puerto Vallarta. I say “not so” recent because the invites went out nearly eight months ago, so I couldn’t give the excuse “I have a Catering Gig”. For a forced vacation situation, it is lovely to be here in Mexico. Especially with Jamzilla […]